We have robust business plan in place to protect our businesses, customers and colleagues in the event of a site closure, including working from home or redistributing work to other locations. We will contact customers with information if any of these options affect their rental. Ace Rent a Car is an international car rental agency that focuses on providing its customers with the perfect vehicle for your travels. Founded in 1966, the company has grown to more than 400 affiliate sites in 40 countries around the world. While the company is international, it is in the United States that the brand is best recognized. You can log in to the My Journey portal to access your rental and toll bill. You need your lease number and date of birth to log in. Ace offers free adaptive driving equipment for people looking for a rental car. Please inform the owner in advance if you need an adaptive driving device for your rental.

You can do this by contacting Auto Europe customer service. You will be more than happy to enter into all necessary agreements with Ace on your behalf. If you rent a vehicle for 1 day at 9:00 hours, you are contractually obliged to return the vehicle before 9:00 the next day. However, we give an additional period of 1 hour at the end of which we collect a follow-up fee. If you paid in advance, you will have a cancellation fee of $75. If you have only paid the account in advance, you will have a cancellation fee of 10% of the rent. Collision waiver: included in the rental price, reduces the tenant`s liability to a maximum of € 550 for categories A, A1, B and B1, to a maximum of € 650 for category C and to a maximum of € 800 for category D. Don`t hesitate and call us today! Car makes & models: All bookings are made by vehicle category and not by vehicle type or model. In any case, the company reserves the right to change the model or type of car without notice. Transport of the rental car by boat: It is forbidden to transport the car by boat without first obtaining written permission from the company….