Bosch has a comprehensive compliance system, under the direction of a Chief Compliance Officer, which reports directly to the Board of Directors. In addition, there is a compliance service for businesses and compliance officers in all divisions and regions. Support Contract This agreement is reached between the client and Secret Labs AB, org. Nr. 556547-5190, (“Supplier”) based in Teknikringen 1, SE-583 30 Link-ping, Sweden Fax: `46 13 We promise only what we can provide, accept agreements as binding, and respect the law in all our business transactions. It is important to point out cases that indicate that a criminal offence has been committed – such as theft, fraud or corruption – or that there is a systematic violation of legal or internal provisions of the company, such as wilful and sustained non-compliance with quality or safety standards or the code of conduct. The statutes apply when the agreed dates are not met. If the supplier expects production difficulties, delivery of raw materials, compliance with the delivery deadline or similar circumstances that could affect the supplier`s ability to deliver on time or deliver the agreed quality, the supplier should notify our ordering service immediately. The software is subject to the additional purchase conditions for Robert Bosch GmbH`s software as well as the additional terms and conditions for products related to open source software (accessed in the download purchases and logistics section under The supplier is required to inform us of the applicable requirements or restrictions on export certificates for products in Germany, European or US export control legislation and customs legislation, as well as the export control law and customs regulations of the country of origin of the products in its trade documents, and the following product training, the licensing requirements must be sent to in a timely manner before the first delivery and in the event of a change (technical change, change in legislation or official findings): if we are subject to a right to liability for the product, the supplier is obliged to keep us free of such claims if and to the extent that the damage was caused by a product defect provided by the supplier.

However, in the event of a fault, this only applies in cases of fault. To the extent that the cause of the damage is the supplier`s responsibility, the supplier must show that it is not guilty. Oral agreements of any kind – including changes and subsequent additions to our terms of purchase – must be entered into by us in writing to be effective. Our action is results-oriented. That is how we can secure our future. It also creates a solid foundation for the social initiatives of the company and the Foundation. Our terms of purchase apply exclusively; The supplier`s terms and conditions that violate or deviate from our terms of purchase will only be accepted if we have expressly given them our written consent.