In addition, page numbering is now specific to each section of the book. In the 2019 book, for example, division 100 is numbered from 1-1 to 1-119. Division 200 is numbered 2-1 to 2-89. If they are kept in a three-ring folder, users can swap a single section if that content has changed in the future. Unchanged divisions can be kept in the folder and should not be reprinted because the page numbering is not affected. Important changes compared to the previous 2017 edition are available under If you are looking for a partner to participate in this new program, join CDOT for a networking session with potential mentors and protégés. All interested major contractors, senior advisors and BSE certified companies are encouraged to participate. 28 August 2017 08:30 – 10:30 (snacks provided) CDOT Headquarters – 2nd fl. Auditorium 4201 E.

Arkansas Ave. Denver, CO 80202 RSVP: Next month, CDOT plans to get proposals from landscaping companies to perform post-construction landscape maintenance at different sites across the state. CDOT intends to use a relatively new approach to procurement, called “CSBV”. This is a proven method of obtaining services that provide the best value to the crown. CSBV uses a low-cost technical evaluation process for weighted value criteria, combined with a weighted price proposal, to determine the best value for procurement. .