The Labour Relations Act requires trade unions and employers to send a copy of their collective agreement to the Director of Mediation Services. Section 150.1 of the Labour Relations Act requires the filing of collective agreements within 30 days of the conclusion of the contract. Online agreements in PDF format. Searchable and searchable. Free. Ontario Hospital Association. Local collective agreements online, in alphabetical order, by union name. Free. Negotech.

Full text of Canadian agreements for selected bargaining entities of 100 or more under provincial jurisdiction, all bargaining units under federal jurisdiction and all large bargaining units with 500 or more employees. Available. You can view, print or download the full text of each agreement. This is a free service. No subscription or password is required. This search page should only display current and most recent past agreements. If you would like access to previous agreements, please contact the CBA analyst at 780-427-8301. Treasury Board Secretariat. Current collective agreements with the 25 bargaining groups in the federal public service. Free.

Commission québécoise de la Construction de Québec. Current agreements by sector, in English. Free. Filing your collective agreement in accordance with section 132 of the Labour Relations Act helps to improve the quality of information on collective agreements. The province uses this data to produce reports such as the Bargaining Update, which provides the public with information on labour relations and collective bargaining. If you are looking for agreements in other provinces or federal agreements, you can access several resources through the list of resources.