3.1. After the execution of the contract and the payment of the corresponding distribution tax by the licensee, UC sends the licensee a (1) copy of the program with associated license activation files (security files) and, if necessary, accompanying documentation. CONSIDERING that UC owns certain rights, titles and interest in the computer program (s) entitled UC-SDRL RESEARCH SOFTWARE (the “program”), including X-Modal, and has the right to license the use of the program, and wants the program to be used in the public interest; and considering that you want to obtain a non-exclusive and fully paid license for the use of the program and some updates to the terms below; and the fee is payable and the software is delivered as soon as the license has been signed by both parties. Generating and distributing license activation files (security files) for internal use by the taker; Once the license is accepted, the user is contacted by the email address provided by the user during the license registration process to determine if the software is needed. The payment of the sales/maintenance tax is agreed on that date. The annual sales/maintenance fee period begins when the software is received by the user. 7.1. This contract ends twelve (12) months after the date on which the program is made available to the licensee (this date is the “receiving” date and the period of twelve (12) months after the date of receipt is the term). At the end of this contract, the licensee still has the right to use the program, but is not entitled to receive program updates after the end of the period without paying any additional fees. 1.1.2. An educational user`s licence refers to the rights granted to use the program on several computers, but no more than thirty-two (32), in accordance with the Procedure under Schedule B, which is in the licensee`s organisation; However, provided the graduate is a university or other university or organization of the type described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the 1954 Internal Revenue Code (26 S.C).

501 (c)) and in accordance with Section 501, point a), the internal income code (26 U.S.C 501,a) is exempt from taxation and exempt from taxation, or any not-for-profit scientific or educational organization qualified under a law on a public non-profit organization, including public authorities or the foreign equivalent. Use on more than thirty-two (32) computers requires an additional license. In addition, the licensee has the right to obtain updates of the program developed by UC during the lifetime. The necessary information is collected via a formatted Microsoft Excel file, which will be made available to the licensee after the license is accepted. As soon as the excel file information is provided and returned by the licensee, a license activation file (security file) is provided to allow the licensee to run the software. Changes to this license activation file (security file) can be made quarterly for the lifetime if changes are required for computers or users. In the absence of active sales or maintenance fees, no changes to the security file are allowed until the life is extended or extended.