These additional licensing conditions complement or change the terms of the binary code license agreement. Wholesale terms that are not defined under these complementary conditions have the same meaning as those attributed to them in the binary code license agreement. These additional conditions replace all the inconsistent or conflicting conditions of the binary code license agreement or a license contained in the Software. F.JAVA TECHNOLOGY RESTRICTIONS. You cannot create, modify or allow the behavior of classes, interfaces or sub-packages identified in any way as “java,” “javax,” “sun,” “oracle” or similar conventions, as specified by Oracle in a designation name. Recent changes can have a big impact on how you run your applications and/or your business. Do you want to avoid surprises in the future and better understand what options you have? Read the white paper “Licensing Oracle Java – An overview of the risks you should be aware of” to be prepared and stay ahead of the game. A. COMMERCIAL CHARACTERISTICS.

You may not use the business functions to run programs, Java applets or applications in your internal business or for commercial or production purposes, or for purposes other than sections B, C, D and E of these Complementary Terms. If you wish to use the commercial functions for purposes other than those authorized in this agreement, you must obtain a separate license from Oracle. These programs were sold on a Nomd Plus and/or Processor User metric (Java SE Advanced Desktop was authorized only for a Nomd User Plus metric) in which you paid a net license and net support fee. This license model will no longer be available from January 2019. Instead, Oracle only makes its Java Standard Edition programs available by subscription: Java SE subscription and/or Java SE desktop subscription. Oracle is active in requiring companies to properly license their software. Oracle continued to offer free use of Java SE under the Oracle Binary Code License (OBCL) agreement, as it acquired Sun Microsystems. This use was limited only if certain conditions were met.

Java Standard Edition Version 11 (including JDK, JRE, JavaFX, JRockit JDK) will remain available for free as long as it is used for development, testing, prototyping and demonstration of your own developed applications.